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645 Squadron Operate INDEPENDENTLY

645 Squadron Operate INDEPENDENTLY For The First Time In 2.5 Years!

This weekend was the first occasion that squadron staff have been able to operate as an independent unit since the pause 2.5 years ago.

Over the last few weeks, Central Gliding Squadron (CGS) representatives from RAF Syerston have supervised and coached the squadron as it received its first 3 aircraft. Now, with senior instructors authorised to continue delivering Return To Flying (RTF) training, the squadron's more junior staff can be re-qualified.

Fg Off Jordan Cameron, DCFI said:"Getting our first instructors current, to receiving our first 3 aircraft, to being authorised to operate independently are all huge milestones; Put simply, we will soon be in a position to fly our customers, YOU! The team here are looking forward to welcoming cadets very soon."

The Wing Flying/Gliding Officers will have more information shortly. Watch this space!

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